Fines worth millions for restricting sales of products in the European Union

On the 30th of January 2020, the European Commission inflicted a fine of over 14 million euros to several companies operating in the same corporate group for restricting licensed sales of products related to successful movies in the European Economic Area. In June 2017, the Commission opened an investigation on some distribution and licensing practices […]

Personal data as data with economic value

The Regional Administrative Court of Lazio, with judgment no 26 of December 18th 2019-January 10th 2020, asserts the interesting principle that personal data can be an “asset” which can be economically exploitable and a potential consideration in a contract. Let’s see how we came to this statement. In December 2018, the AGCM, the Italian Competition […]

Citation in a book and copyright infringement

Newspaper and magazine articles fall under the work of arts protected by copyright. Articles 38-45 of the Italian Copyright Law explicitly recognizes them as creative works. Jurisprudence confirms the protection of the single article and which was also recognized with judgment no.  12314/2015 by the Supreme Court of Cassation. Nevertheless, the Italian Copyright Law includes […]

The algorithm copyright owner can object to the access to public records

The Italian Administrative Court with judgment no. 8472 of December the 13th 2019, stated that the public administration is legitimate to use algorithms for administrative procedures and in particular for the selections in public competitions. In the case at hand, where some of the participants complained about being unfairly discriminated, the Italian Administrative Court legitimize the […]