The object of the patent is identified by the claims

With the sentence n. 10335 of May 19 th 2016, the Supreme Court ruled in relation to the importance of the claims to define the object of the patent. The case examined by the Supreme Court saw as opposing parties two companies (X and Y) regarding the validity of the Italian patent and the Italian […]

Secondary Meaning: It’s possible to record as a brand a word of generic use

It’s possible to record as a brand a word of generic use if following the use has purchased a distinctive character. A mark without a distinctive ability can subsequently acquire it because of the elevated commercial diffusion and of the activities of publicizing that can radically turn the distinctive perception of the sign into the […]

Security or Privacy: Apple vs US Goverment

On 2 December 2015 there was a tragic massacre in St. Bernardino. In addition to the 14 innocent victims one of two assassins has also lost his life, whose iPhone 5c has remained on the ground, blocked with  access credentials set. The FBI, in order to be able to access the data present on the […]

“You are, we care” copyright without reward

Court of Cassation with sentence n. 13171 of the 24.06.2016 has definitely decided on the case of the slogan “you are, we care” conceived by a professional figure on the commission of an advertising agency and then adopted by Fiat to publicize its own products. The Court has established three important principles on copyright. In […]

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