Samsung Vs. Apple and how to quantify the damages

The 6th December 2016 the Federal Court of the US issued a new important decision concerning the Apple-Samsung Saga. In 2012, Apple won a lawsuit against Samsung for the violation of a number of utility models patents and of designs in addition to the competitive damage by “dilution” caused by Samsung for the imitation of […]

Links to protected works and copyright violation

The Court of Justice had already intervened in the pressing theme of the legitimacy of links in the lawsuit Svesson C-466/12 of February 13, 2014 and its decision raised some hope. Now it returns to the question clarifying some important aspects opening new scenarios. The decision – issued by the Court in 2014 – affirmed […]

The judgment on the validity of the patent prevails on the judgment of the infringement thereof

The Court of Appeal, with decision no. 15339 of 25 July 2016, has expressed its opinion regarding the relation between different law suits relative to the validity of a patent and the infringement thereof. In particular, the case submitted to the Judges of legitimacy concerned the relation between an infringement judgment, with only a secondary […]

D-Nest IIE 16 Official Program

The program of “D-nest International Inventors Exhibition 2016” October 13 11:00 am – Sala Leonardo – Opening Ceremony with presentation of D-nest Project(Gramola/Cristani) 12:30 am – Inaugural aperitif 2:30 pm – Sala Galileo – “Tutelare un’idea” (Studio Porto4 – Giovanni Brancalion, lawyer) 3:00/5:00 pm – Sala Leonardo – Wearable Tecnologies (Venice Design Week) 4:30 pm – Sala Galileo – EU […]

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