Who is the controller of the data processing

  The controller is the one who determines the purposes and the means of the processing. In case of a company, the controller is the company itself and not the person representing it or charged to manage privacy. The controller may appoint one or more external processors to whom assign some particular activities (computer maintenance, […]

The Relevance of the Description in defining the protection of a patent

By ruling of 12 May 2017, the Court of Milan has definitively expressed its views on the case registered under no. 84810. The case submitted to the Court of Milan dealt with the litigation between the owner of the patent no. 1396744, Mr. Carlo Chiodo (the demandant), and the company Digicom S.p.a. (the defendant). Carlo […]

What data processing is

Any operation involving personal data, also including  their access or vision, is considered as data processing. Even the usage of a video surveillance system or a drone taking images of people, even without filming, is considered as data processing. The data processing should be lawful, fair and transparent. The information about the data processing has […]

Freedom of Press Reviews addressed to the single user: a case study

Jurisprudence has not yet faced the topic of copyright and press review for what concerns the usage of the editorial content of newspapers the day after their publication, and there is not even a specific law ruling those aspects. With this background the judgement issued by the Court of Rome on January 18, 2017is particularly […]

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