The privacy authority commands the deindexing of Google’s results

The situation with we deal starts from the appeal of a professor to the personal data protection authority in order to ask Google the erasure from the list of the result of the browser of 26 URLs arose typing his own name and surname. These URLs were linked to anonymous messages or short articles that […]

The format of a program can be protected but only if…

The Court of Rome faces again the topic of the conditions and the limits of protection that can be granted to a television program. This is a very argued topic that creates doubts because of the lack of a positive rule governing the matter. It has to be said that normally the law recognizes the […]

Shopping online and obligations for the seller

The introduction of internet and social networks as trading platforms has complicated the consumer’s awareness to realize when they are dealing with a commercial seller or a private individual. The distinction, far from obvious, has consequences that are not negligible from a legal viewpoint. In fact, subjects qualified as “professionals” are required to observe a […]

The trademark is registrable only if it has acquired distinctive character throughout the European Union

A trademark must have distinctive character in order to be registered.   This requirement can also be acquired later because of the use made of the trademark but the conditions for this to happen are rather strict as taught by the Court of Justice of the European Union in its judgment of 6 September 2018 […]

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