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The protection of intellectual works: the Court of Cassation summarizes the guiding principles in the judgment of plagiarism

The Court of Cassation, by a judgment of 28 January 2018, No. 2039 pronounced on copyright and plagiarism of works of art at the end of a litigation brought by the successors of the painter Emilio Vedova, the well-known exponent of the pictoral and artistic movement known as “Informal art”. The dispute in question related […]

Ended the subscription, the use of images is forbidden

Accessing a pay database to download images to be used for business does not automatically give the right of using those images even after the end of the subscription. The Court of Milan has decided that facing the case of a publishing house opposing the payment order issued in favor of the holder of the […]

Urgent Appeals, not always

The process for patent, trademark and copyright litigations has to be fast and efficacious. Those enduring an infringement of rights in these particular subjects cannot wait the long times of justice because counterfeiting economically speaking may have catastrophic effects which cannot always be reimbursed after two or three years. For this reason the main instrument […]

Slogans are works of art

The Court of Cassation (ruling no. 24062 of 12.10.2017) held that even a simple advertising spot can amount to a work protected by copyright and as such be protected. The advertising slogan that is the subject of ruling was indeed quite original. It was the image of a person whose head had a series of […]

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