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News about the exercise of neighboring rights for musical works


The new Competition Law no. 124 of August 4, 2017 (Official Gazette no. 189 of August 14, 2017) has introduced relevant amendments to the prior law referred to in Art. 73 of Law no. 633/1941 (Copyright Law of Italy) in relation to the neighboring rights of copyright for the reproduction in public of musical works. […]

Freedom of Press Reviews addressed to the single user: a case study


Jurisprudence has not yet faced the topic of copyright and press review for what concerns the usage of the editorial content of newspapers the day after their publication, and there is not even a specific law ruling those aspects. With this background the judgement issued by the Court of Rome on January 18, 2017is particularly […]

Copyright infringement and the ISP’s duty to remove illicit contents

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Has the Internet Service Provider (ISP) the duty to remove the illicit contents uploaded on its platforms? When? The Directive 2000/31/EC (Directive on e-commerce; accepted by the Decree Law no. 70 of 2003) stated that in case they perform the so-called “mere conduit” services (art. 12), the ISPs have no general obligation to monitor (art. […]

SIAE or not SIAE? Fedez tries to jeopardize the system


SIAE is the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers that manages the rights of the enrolled artists and cashes for them the income in case of concerts and music distribution on radio or in bars. Artists often do not tolerate well the monopoly of SIAE in the management of their rights and they asked many […]

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