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Copyright infringement and the ISP’s duty to remove illicit contents

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Has the Internet Service Provider (ISP) the duty to remove the illicit contents uploaded on its platforms? When? The Directive 2000/31/EC (Directive on e-commerce; accepted by the Decree Law no. 70 of 2003) stated that in case they perform the so-called “mere conduit” services (art. 12), the ISPs have no general obligation to monitor (art. […]

SIAE or not SIAE? Fedez tries to jeopardize the system


SIAE is the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers that manages the rights of the enrolled artists and cashes for them the income in case of concerts and music distribution on radio or in bars. Artists often do not tolerate well the monopoly of SIAE in the management of their rights and they asked many […]

Links to protected works and copyright violation

The Court of Justice had already intervened in the pressing theme of the legitimacy of links in the lawsuit Svesson C-466/12 of February 13, 2014 and its decision raised some hope. Now it returns to the question clarifying some important aspects opening new scenarios. The decision – issued by the Court in 2014 – affirmed […]

“You are, we care” copyright without reward

Court of Cassation with sentence n. 13171 of the 24.06.2016 has definitely decided on the case of the slogan “you are, we care” conceived by a professional figure on the commission of an advertising agency and then adopted by Fiat to publicize its own products. The Court has established three important principles on copyright. In […]

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