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Patent Box: the software fee is not always excluded

The Patent Box, introduced by a decree in 2015 updated on November 28, 2017 is a tax relief allowing to deduct from the income coming from the use of original works a percentage of the same income that is not taxed. This percentage, from 2018 called Patent Box, can reach 50% of the income of […]

The format of a program can be protected but only if…

The Court of Rome faces again the topic of the conditions and the limits of protection that can be granted to a television program. This is a very argued topic that creates doubts because of the lack of a positive rule governing the matter. It has to be said that normally the law recognizes the […]

The protection of intellectual works: the Court of Cassation summarizes the guiding principles in the judgment of plagiarism

The Court of Cassation, by a judgment of 28 January 2018, No. 2039 pronounced on copyright and plagiarism of works of art at the end of a litigation brought by the successors of the painter Emilio Vedova, the well-known exponent of the pictoral and artistic movement known as “Informal art”. The dispute in question related […]

Ended the subscription, the use of images is forbidden

Accessing a pay database to download images to be used for business does not automatically give the right of using those images even after the end of the subscription. The Court of Milan has decided that facing the case of a publishing house opposing the payment order issued in favor of the holder of the […]