News about the exercise of neighboring rights for musical works

The new Competition Law no. 124 of August 4, 2017 (Official Gazette no. 189 of August 14, 2017) has introduced relevant amendments to the prior law referred to in Art. 73 of Law no. 633/1941 (Copyright Law of Italy) in relation to the neighboring rights of copyright for the reproduction in public of musical works. […]

The “legal basis” of the data processing and the consent

The Regulation assumes that data processing is illicit if there is no legal basis consenting it. The consent is no longer the only legal basis. There are other basis which are placed on an equal footing to consent. The legal basis is different whether it deals with general or sensitive data. The legal basis for […]

Also owning modchips non installed on a console is an offense

By Judgment 34180/2017, the 3rd section of the (Italian) Supreme Court, Criminal section, judged groundless the appeal proposed by a person condemned for being in possession of 140 devices, called “modchip”, consisting in electronic circuits aimed at eluding the technological measures of protection on videogames and consoles. As the Supreme Court reminds, art. 102-quarter of […]

The Information and the rights of the data subject

A fundamental condition for a lawful processing is that the data subject receives an adequate Information on the processing before giving the consent or during the collection if the consent is not necessary. The Information should include the following indications: -       Data subject’s identity; -       Purposes of the processing; -       Judicial base of the processing; […]

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