What does the guideline (EU) 2016/943 on know-how provide?

As described in the last articles, the guideline (EU) 2016/943 8 June 2016 of the European Parliament and Council – which must be acknowledged by the Member States within next 9 June – has provided for a common framework on the protection of know-how and confidential trade information (trade secrets). The guideline is further described […]

No to Spam in the professionals’ Certified electronic mail

The Italian supervisory authority prevented a society and a related association from sending promotional emails to professionals without their consent, using their certified electronic mail address. From the exams – ordered by the authority after several highlightings and performed with the help of the Privacy Special Body of the Italian Financial Guard -, it came […]

Another step forward toward Privacy adjustment

On May 21, 2018 the Decree law containing the rules of adjustment to the EU Regulation on privacy 2016/679 has been approved. There isn’t any certainty about the final text of the Decree that will be published on Brevettinews.it as soon possible. The 25th of May is very close and there are a lot of […]

Is it lawful the use of P.D.O. “Champagne” in the trade name of a champagne flavour sorbet?

The sentence of last 20 December 2017 (lawsuit C-393/16) by the Court of Justice of the European Union pronounced on the limits of prohibition of use of a protected designation origin. The pronouncement will be appreciated by many agricultural and food field producers. Here is the legal matter. Concerning a litigation between the association of […]

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