Data protection: the “tolerance” period for sanctions is over

Last September 2018, the authorities of the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) carried out a survey (SWEEP-2018) to evaluate compliance with the principle of accountability introduced in Europe with the General Regulations for the Protection of Personal Data. The Italian Data Protection Authority decided to verify the observance of the principle of accountability by the […]

Creativity and originality: databases criminal law protection requirements

The Court of Cassation ruled on the applicability of criminal sanctions under the Italian Copyright Law to online databases with judgment 6734/2019 of 13 February 2019. In the case examined by the Court, a notorious auctions advertising website used and published on various websites, material available online such as photos, plans and details of properties […]

New dispositions concerning the registration and functioning of the Opposition Registry

The D.P.R 149/2018 became effective on 3rd February 2019, “Regulation amending Presidential Decree 178 of 7th September 2010, concerning the Opposition Registry, regarding the use of paper mail”. The Legislator examined the Opposition Register with the enactment of Law no. 5 dated 11 January 2018, “New provisions on the registration and operation of the Opposition […]

The use of emoticons can cause considerable costs

Eric Goldman, professor of law at the University of Santa Clara in California, has studied emoji and their impact on the legal world for many years. His first studies were aimed at the possibility of obtaining an exclusivity on the faces commonly used to express a feeling or to strengthen an affirmation or a state […]