Google’s AdWords. Using someone else’s trademark is unlawful

In order to be at the top of the results of a search engine, many undertaking s do not hesitate to use sponsored wordings which correspond to competitor’s trademarks as keywords. This bad habit comes from a basic error: thinking that since the words used as keyword are invisible at the exterior, this is not […]

PRIVACY and DATA PROTECTION: 10 lessons on the new European Regulation

The 24th May 2016 the European Regulation on Privacy 2016/679 entered into force. The GDPR, General Data Protection Regulations, included in it applies to the European and non-European companies offering goods and services in Europe or having an establishment or a representative in Europe. Italian and foreign companies doing business with the European Union should […]

I invent, you earn

The Jobs Act for self-employed persons determines who the rights on a new invention or a creative work made by an independent contractor belong to. To whom do the rights on a creative work or an invention made by a third person belong? The inventor or to the buyer? This is an ancient debate, often […]

SIAE or not SIAE? Fedez tries to jeopardize the system

SIAE is the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers that manages the rights of the enrolled artists and cashes for them the income in case of concerts and music distribution on radio or in bars. Artists often do not tolerate well the monopoly of SIAE in the management of their rights and they asked many […]

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