The protection of know-how in Italy

In Italy, trade secret is regulated by art. 98 of the Industrial Property Code (Codice della Proprietà Industriale or CPI in brief). In particular, this article provides for the protection of all company information as well as technical and industrial experiences, including commercial ones, that are subject to the legitimate control of the holder. Art. […]

Essential patents: the Communication of the European Commission on SEPs

Patents protecting a specific aspect of a technical standard and being essential for the application of a technical rule issued by a Standardization body are called SEPs (Standard Essential Patent). As a consequence, in case of a real SEP, essential for the application of a standard (we will focus on this later), the one using […]

No to social spam, marketing requires consent

No to social spam. If an email address is on a social network, it does not mean that it can be freely used for any purposes. For example, the addressee’s consent is always necessary to send commercial offers. For these reasons, the Italian Data Protection Authority has prohibited a further processing of email addresses without […]

Know-how: a patrimony to enhance

Today starts our journey in five episodes to discover the know-how. 2018 will be a relevant year for the defense of business secrets: Italy must adapt to the know-how directive 2016/943. Undertakings will have an added value in their business portfolio.

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