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Stop with fakes

Newsletter Ottobre

Who pays the price of the infringement? The Patent and Trademark Italian Office explains in a video that every year more than 7 million Euros are spent in counterfeit products. A high sum used to buy low-quality products, often harmful to people’s health, that in the end feed organized crime. Let’s think before buying a […]

The Relevance of the Description in defining the protection of a patent

By ruling of 12 May 2017, the Court of Milan has definitively expressed its views on the case registered under no. 84810. The case submitted to the Court of Milan dealt with the litigation between the owner of the patent no. 1396744, Mr. Carlo Chiodo (the demandant), and the company Digicom S.p.a. (the defendant). Carlo […]

Amendments to a patent? Yes, not always a counterfeiting

Articolo 6

By judgment of 24 January 2017 no. 885, the Court of Milan faced the hard theme of the possibility to amend the claims of a patent during the proceedings, as foreseen by Article 79 of the Code of the Industrial Property. Sometimes, the amendment to a patent’s claims  during a judgment is necessary when the patent […]

I invent, you earn


The Jobs Act for self-employed persons determines who the rights on a new invention or a creative work made by an independent contractor belong to. To whom do the rights on a creative work or an invention made by a third person belong? The inventor or to the buyer? This is an ancient debate, often […]

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