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Work: the Guarantor puts a halt to Poste’s queue management system


Work: the Guarantor puts a halt to Poste’s queue management system The system adopted by post offices to manage the queue at counters can no longer be used as, in fact, it can also allow for the pervasive and constant monitoring of employees. This is the decision taken by the Privacy Guarantor at the outcome […]

No to social spam, marketing requires consent


No to social spam. If an email address is on a social network, it does not mean that it can be freely used for any purposes. For example, the addressee’s consent is always necessary to send commercial offers. For these reasons, the Italian Data Protection Authority has prohibited a further processing of email addresses without […]

The penalties foreseen by the Regulation


The Regulation 679/2016  foresees which breaches should be sanctioned and the maximum applicable costs. In order to evaluate the appropriate costs, it is necessary to take into account several parameters but the measures taken by the controller have a relevant importance. In establishing the administrative sanction, the technical and organizational measures adopted by the controller […]

Data protection and computer security


The adoption of efficient measures of personal data protection has a relevant effect also on the protection of all the informative asset of a company which represents an inestimable value. Therefore, setting up a computer security system is necessary not only to fulfill a legal obligation but also to be defended against the likelihood of […]

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