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The privacy authority commands the deindexing of Google’s results

The situation with we deal starts from the appeal of a professor to the personal data protection authority in order to ask Google the erasure from the list of the result of the browser of 26 URLs arose typing his own name and surname. These URLs were linked to anonymous messages or short articles that […]

Telemarketing: the “new” Public Opposition Register makes easier to block it

Telephone marketing, for being highly privacy-intrusive for consumers, keeps being object of the Italian Data Protection Authority’s particular attention who included it in the new inspective plan of the first semester of 2018, approved in February. The Controlling Authority is receiving an increasing number of warnings from data subjects complaining an unwanted processing of their […]

No to Spam in the professionals’ Certified electronic mail

The Italian supervisory authority prevented a society and a related association from sending promotional emails to professionals without their consent, using their certified electronic mail address. From the exams – ordered by the authority after several highlightings and performed with the help of the Privacy Special Body of the Italian Financial Guard -, it came […]

Another step forward toward Privacy adjustment

On May 21, 2018 the Decree law containing the rules of adjustment to the EU Regulation on privacy 2016/679 has been approved. There isn’t any certainty about the final text of the Decree that will be published on as soon possible. The 25th of May is very close and there are a lot of […]

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