Fascinated by the web

Yesterday the first episode of «Presi per il web» (Fascinated by the web) went on the air. It is a Radio Radicale’s program that every Sunday at 8.45 will deal with web-related issues. Yesterday’s topic was freedom of expression on the Internet, which is a not insignificant issue.

The most important part has been, undoubtedly, when the recent AGCOM (Italian Communications Authority) regulation has been discussed, which imposes the removal of contents, links or other references that determine or favor the violation of copyright.

To fully understand the incisiveness of the regulation, it is enough to consider that the impossibility to remove a link can imply the closure of an entire website and that also a technical article that teaches how to download a file that violates copyright can be submitted to restrictive measures. The program’s co-host Fulvio Sarzana’s effective article is worth reading. His article has been published in [Corrieredellecomunicazioni.it][1] and highlights, among other things, that the Parliament should be the only one legitimated to intervene on such an important subject.

The participation of Marco Pierani of Altroconsumo enjoys a particular appreciation, because it has well highlighted how AGCOM regulation lacks each and any rule of the users’ rights and how, by proposing itself to protect copyright, it forgets to consider the parameter of the proportionality with respect to rights that are, or at least should be, of superior rank.

The last one is an issue that is very felt by us as well and many times we have highlighted how, in view of the protection of copyright, the right to privacy, which includes also the right to anonymity and the right to freedom of expression, very often succumbs.

A radio program that deals with these issues can only be welcomed.