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Right to be forgotten and search engines

right to be forgotten

The European Data Protection Board Guidelines 5/2019, in their version 2.0 updated as of July 7, 2020, focus on the issue of the right to be forgotten in cases concerning search engines and therefore, of the so-called “right to delist“. The EDPB states that the delisting involves the deletion only of the specific content concerning […]

Posting pictures of minor children on social networks: is it discouraged or prohibited?


Posting pictures of minors on social networks is highly discouraged. For years the Italian National Police has being trying to make parents aware of this matter, warning them about the dangers connected to online pedo-pornography. It should be considered that over half of the pictures contained on pedo-pornographic websites comes from social media. The images […]

Social credentials: what happens to personal data after the owner’s death?


The transferring of digital heritage due to death is a phenomenon that in the last few years has gained a primary importance but that, to this day, still has uncertainty and complexity under many points of view. One can think of digitally stored files, emails or social accounts. It may be data that hold just […]

Prohibition of data transfer to United States: the short-circuit of decision “Schrems II”

privacy shield

Privacy in Europe is a very serious matter, and we can only be happy and proud of this. Protecting personal data of an individual means to safeguard a person in his/her deepest values and to avoid it becoming a commodity in the hands of governments and industry. Unfortunately, not every extra-European country offers the same […]