EUIPO SME Fund 2024: how does it work?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are often considered the driving force of the economy which contribute significantly to innovation. In this context, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has instituted the EUIPO Fund SME 2024 to support and promote the development of these companies.

But how does it work and who can benefit from it?

What is the EUIPO SME Fund 2024

The EUIPO SME Fund 2024 is an initiative aimed at supporting SMEs through targeted grants, aimed at promoting the protection and management of intellectual property.

The goal is to provide SMEs with the necessary tools to enhance and protect their assets regarding intellectual property.

How does the EUIPO SME Found 2024 work

 The EUIPO SME Fund 2024 grants funding regarding intellectual property to SMEs based in the European Union.

The grants concerns the registration of trademarks, patents, designs and models, as well as pre-diagnostic services related to intellectual property (IP Scan).

These services are essential as they enable, through the consultancy of expert IP professional, the identification of IP assets of the company.

How to benefit from the EUIPO SME Fund 2024

The EUIPO SME Fund 2024 “Ideas Powered for Business”, is open to all SMEs registered in the EU.

To submit successfully the application, one should deliver the VAT certificate (or the national registration number of the company), the company’s bank statement and the declaration signed by the business owner, an employee or an authorized external representative appointed by the company.

The grants are awarded in the form of vouchers that can be used to request a reimbursement of the of the expenses incurred for intellectual property. Vouchers should be activated within two months through the reimbursement request.

The Fund will be active from the 22 January to 6 December 2024.

Characteristics of the EUIPO SME Fund 2024               

 The Fund includes:

  • A reimbursement of 90% for an IP Scan service provided by a national IP office of an EU Member State.
  • A reimbursement of 75% on the fees for national or EU trademarks and/or design and models applications.
  • A reimbursement of 50% on basic fees or trademarks and/or designs or models, on designation and subsequent designations fees outside of EU.
  • A reimbursement of 75% on the fees for a patent novelty search or on the taxes for a patent application.

More information can be found on the EUIPO website:


In an increasingly competitive economic environment, the EUIPO SME Fund 2024 represents a great opportunity for all European SMEs. The protection of intellectual property is essential to foster innovation in enterprises.

The availability of targeted grants through this fund offers to SMEs the possibility to grow in a more dynamic and competitive environment. The active participation of SMEs to this initiative will contribute not only to their individual success but also to the overall European economic growth.


Amedeo Sebastiani