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Infringement of a patent to make a food product soft

infringement of a patent

A – owner of a patent related to a particular chemical solution – brought an action against Z, contesting the infringement of its own title after Z used a solution similar to the one patented. The Court of Venice, even if in precautionary phase, and therefore following a summary examination, confirmed the infringement. The patented […]

Patent Box: new clarifications from the Italian Tax Authority

patent box

On 24th February 2023, the Italian Tax Authority (Agenzia delle Entrate) issued a provision which modifies the previous provision of 15th February 2022 on the Patent Box new regime, in order to make it more adherent to what provided for in art. 6 of the Legislative Decree 21/10/21, no. 146 (as modified by law 234 […]

Women and Patents: the EPO study analyzes Gender Gap in the Innovation Field

gender gap in the innovation field

On November 8th 2022, EPO published an updated report on the gender gap in the innovation field, based on the data on patents at its disposal, with the aim to provide key indications on the progress of inclusion of women in Europe. The data The report shows that, in the last decades, the rate of […]

Louboutin vs Amazon: the Court of Justice clarifies the responsibility of the provider in case of infringement 

responsibility of the provider - Louboutin vs Amazon

The European Court of Justice by decision 22 December 2022 (joined cases C-148/21 and C-184/21) clarified the notion of “use” of a trademark on the online market, redefining the boundaries of the responsibility of the provider of the marketplace for the illicit use of the trademarks of others. The Court expressed itself following the referral […]