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Unfair competition infringing trade secret and know how must be proven

unfair competition

The Italian Supreme Court of Cassation, with the recent order no. 37362 of November 29th 2021 ruled on the infringement of trade secrets, subtraction of know-how and in particular on the evidence of unfair competition ex art. 2598 of the Italian Civil Code. The issue rises from a first instance ruling before the Court of […]

The new Italian Patent Box: 110% extra deduction

italian patent box

The Italian Patent Box once again changed its shape. By the publication of the 2022 Budget Law (law n. 234 of December 30th 2021) in the Gazzetta Ufficiale of December 31th 2021, the Italian Patent Box regime saw the introduction of relevant updates, partially modifying the Law Decree n. 146 of 2021, the so-called “Financial […]

The Bavarian Data Protection Authority against Mailchimp for illegal data transfer to the US

data transfer to the US

On March 15th, the Bavarian DPA, Bavaria’s Data Protection Authority, ruled against Mailchimp, a well-known US email marketing company, for failing to comply with the indications contained in the Schrems II judgment regarding personal data transfer to the US (more in this article). The ruling represents an important precedent because it is the first formal […]

Know-how protection and former employees


With judgment no. 16975 of 02/11/2020, the Court of Cassation clarified the boundaries of the protection granted to particular categories of business information. The Case The case examined by the Court concerned four former employees of a company active in the design and marketing of mechanical equipment which, after resigning, had produced a technologically sophisticated […]