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 The trademark “Diego Maradona” disputed on the razor’s edge of transcriptions  

transfer of trademark Diego Maradona

The EUIPO Boards of Appeal has recently decided on a rather complex case (Case R 755/2021-1) having as object the right to register the transfer of the ownership of the trademark “Diego Maradona” no. 2243947 registered in name of the famous football player. The case The case was brought by the company Sattvica, S.A.  which asked […]

When the product is also a work of art

when a product can be considered a work of art

With sentence of December 13th 2021, no. 10280/2021, the Court of Milan – by listing the criteria able to distinguish a successful product from a work of art – pointed out when a product destined to be on the market has artistic value. The case concerned the counterfeiting of a popular handbag created by the […]

Three-dimensional trademark: yes, to the registration of the iconic “Bulli” van

three-dimensional trademark

With decision of November 29th 2021, rendered in the proceeding R 2421/2022-1, the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) returned to rule on the shape trademark accepting the appeal of a well-known German car manufacturer that challenged the rejection of the registration, as a three-dimensional trademark, of the iconic “Bulli” van. On the basis of […]

Euipo SME Fund 2022: grants for trademarks, designs and patents

Euipo SME Fund 2022

New grants are available for European small and medium sized enterprises (SME) that want to register their trademarks, designs and patents. The Euipo SME Fund «Ideas Powered for business» is an initiative supported by the European Commission and implemented by the European Union Intellectual Property Office that allows SMEs established in Europe to ask for a […]