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Is it possible to register an emoji as a trademark? The EUIPO decision

emoji as a trademark

The EUIPO Board of Appeals, in the decision given on June 1st 2023 in case R2305/2022-2, excluded the registrability as a European trademark of the sign constituted by an emoji representing a hand gesture, thus confirming the decision of the examiner of the European Office. Emoji and distinctive character of a EU trademark The registration […]

Trademark of the “stripe” tag: valid but not counterfeited

The specialized section on corporate matters of the Court of Appeal of Milan recently decided on a controversy between two well-known fashion companies, Diesel and Calvin Klein, having as object the “stripe” tag. Background The company Diesel has been manufacturing and marketing casual clothing items, including blue jeans, for years. Such products are characterized by […]

“Pablo Escobar” Trademark Cannot Be Registered in the European Union

eu trademark

With decision of April 28th 2023, Euipo rejected the registration application of European Union trademark “Pablo Escobar Plata o Plomo Medellin” as considered to be contrary to public policy and principles of morality. The EU trademark “Pablo Escobar Plata o Plomo Medellin” case On August 8th 2022 the application for registration of the figurative trademark […]

The Batman Logo has Distinctive Character  

distinctive character of the batman logo

With ruling of June 7th 2023 (case T-735/21), the EU Court affirmed that the EU trademark depicting a bat in an oval frame has distinctive character because, even if associated to the fictional character Batman, allows anyway to identify the marked products as originating from DC Comics. The case On January 21st 2019, an Italian […]