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In the course of the lawsuit promoted by Fiorentina, the Court of Milan, with decision no. 3435/2024 of March 27th 2024, has declared the invalidity of the “” trademark, registered by the defendant company, ordered the transfer of the domain name to the football club, and it also found that the plaintiff’s trademarks were […]

The report on 2022-2023 trademarks anti-counterfeiting policies

The worst damage a trademark could suffer from is counterfeiting, for this reason actions to reduce this phenomenon must be taken. The report on the anti-counterfeiting policies analyzes the actions carried out between 2022-2023 by the Italy’s Second Division of the General Direction for Intellectual Property (Divisione II della Direzione Generale per la Proprietà Industriale) […]

The EU Court confirms that the Pablo Escobar trademark cannot be registered in the EU

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With decision of April 17th 2024, the EU Court definitely rejected the application for registration of the EU trademark PABLO ESCOBAR because considered contrary to public policy and accepted principles of morality. The case and the EUIPO decision On September 30th 2021, Escobar Inc., company founded by Pablo Escobar’s brother, requested the registration of the […]

Lawful uses of others’ trademarks: the Zara case

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The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), on January 11th 2024 decided upon the interpretation of a rule relating to the use of trademarks of third parties as part of a case pitting the Spanish company owner of the “ZARA” trademark against an information service provider who launched an advertising campaign where the […]