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Hosting providers are responsible if there is reprocessing of information

hosting provider responsibility

The Italian Administrative Court, with the recent judgment n. 3851/2021, ruled on the responsibility of the hosting provider in light of the legislative decree 70/2003 which implemented Directive 2000/31/EC. As the Italian Administrative Court recalls: “The provider is the entity that organizes for its users the offer to access to the Internet and the services connected […]

Privacy and data retention: the contrast with Italian law

data retention

By judgment of 2 March 2021 (C746/18), the Court of Justice of the European Union clarified the limits between the right to privacy and the need to fight crime through access to and storage of traffic data (so-called “data retention”). The case concerned the criminal proceedings against an Estonian citizen, who was convicted also thanks […]

TikTok challenges and the intervention of the Italian Data Protection Authority

TikTok remains under the supervision of the Data Protection Authority Supervisor, even after announcing the adoption of measures aimed at blocking the access to users under the age of 13. The Data Protection Authority had already intervened in December 2020, initiating a proceeding against the well-known platform and complaining above all about the lack of […]

YouTube does not have to provide all the data of users uploading pirated movies

infringement of intellectual property rights

With the judgment of 9 July 2020 (Case C264/19) the Court of Justice of the European Union clarified what data can be provided in the event of online infringement of intellectual property rights. The case The story concerned the publication on YouTube of files containing the full movies ‘Parker’ and ‘Scary Movie 5’. The two […]