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Embezzlement, computer files as “movable property”


The Court of Cassation, by judgment no. 11959/2020, ruled on the qualification of computer files as movable property, modifying the previous orientation to the contrary. The decision derives from the case of a company’s former employee, hired by another company operating in the same field, who was asked to return the company’s laptop. At the […]

Mobile payment apps: plagiarism and unfair competition

mobile payment app

The Court of Milan (order 03.12.2019) ruled on the proceedings brought by a company owner of a mobile payment app, on the market since 2015, against a company that launched on the market an app with similar purposes in 2018. The recurrent affirmed that, given the strongly innovative nature of the app and the immediate […]

The algorithm copyright owner can object to the access to public records

The Italian Administrative Court with judgment no. 8472 of December the 13th 2019, stated that the public administration is legitimate to use algorithms for administrative procedures and in particular for the selections in public competitions. In the case at hand, where some of the participants complained about being unfairly discriminated, the Italian Administrative Court legitimize the […]

Entry into force of the Cybersecurity Act: Brief analysis and main developments

The date 27 June 2019 saw the entry into force of Regulation (EU) 2019/881 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 April 2019. The Regulation, also known as the “Cybersecurity Act”, is one of a framework of measures aimed at strengthening ICT security for the European area. The intervention is a necessary […]