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Posting pictures of a celebrity without their consent creates a damage that must be compensated

right to image

The Court of Cassation, with order no. 17217 of June 16th 2021, reiterated the compensation for financial damage in the case of unlawful publication of celebrities’ personal data. The story, which began in 2009, had as its protagonist an internationally renowned actor photographed while being intimate with his partner during a holiday in Italy. The […]

Video surveillance: it is not a crime if you protect the company’s assets

video surveillance

With judgment no. 3255 of 27.01.2021, the Italian Court of Cassation recognized the lawfulness of  a video surveillance system strictly functional to the protection of the company’s assets, even if it is installed in the absence of a trade union agreement or the authorization of the Labour Inspectorate. The case concerned the use by the […]

Right to be forgotten and search engines

right to be forgotten

The European Data Protection Board Guidelines 5/2019, in their version 2.0 updated as of July 7, 2020, focus on the issue of the right to be forgotten in cases concerning search engines and therefore, of the so-called “right to delist“. The EDPB states that the delisting involves the deletion only of the specific content concerning […]

Posting pictures of minor children on social networks: is it discouraged or prohibited?


Posting pictures of minors on social networks is highly discouraged. For years the Italian National Police has being trying to make parents aware of this matter, warning them about the dangers connected to online pedo-pornography. It should be considered that over half of the pictures contained on pedo-pornographic websites comes from social media. The images […]