International Inventors Exhibition in Venice

“d-nest International Inventors Exhibition” is prepared to be the amplest international review devoted to the inventors, a professional saloon of ideas and innovative solutions by to propose to enterprises and investors.

The project, that enjoys of important national and local patronages, foresees 500 exhibitors coming from around the world and that they will animate the exhibition hall “Pala Expo Venice” from 13th  to 16th October 2016. “d-nest International Inventors Exhibition” is promoted and organized by the homonym society, spin off of the Verona’s University inside the Computing Scientific Space.

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“d-nest” wants to be the crossroad of the innovation, conceived, to the beginning of 2013, by a group of professionals involved in the research and development of the product.

The objective is to improve the processes of innovation, providing and supporting sharing opportunities worldwide inside a safe juridical environment.

In view of the characteristics of novelty of the proposal, the cultural implications, the meaning of the position in Venice, “city of the future”, a qualified presence of inventors and professionals is guaranteed, able to valorize their ideas.

Turini Group has embraced this project and it will attend “d-nest International Inventors Exhibition”, where it will take care of two workshops, one on patents in the food sector and one on the protection of the form and the design.

Turini Group will be also available for individual meetings with the participants and to answer to specific questions of the visitors.

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