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Stop with fakes

Who pays the price of the infringement? The Patent and Trademark Italian Office explains in a video that every year more than 7 million Euros are spent in counterfeit products. A high sum used to buy low-quality products, often harmful to people’s health, that in the end feed organized crime. Let’s think before buying a […]

Happy summer!

Starting from September, we are in for a “tour de force” to conform our companies and our law offices to the new European Regulation in the field of Privacy. The new Regulation will also concern the foreing companies. On Brevettinews you will find from September a serialized introductory course about the main changes. In the meanwhile, […]

INTA 2017

From May 20 to May 24. Ms. Laura Turini, Ms. Chiara Morbidi and Ms. Giulia Mugnaini will attend INTA.

Merry Christmas!

Hope, love and goodwill to all!