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Revised SIAE commissions for managing resale rights

The creators of certain types of works of art, such as sculptures, paintings, ceramics and manuscripts, hold the so-called resale right [“diritto di seguito”] resulting from Article 144 of the Law on protection of author’s rights [L.d.a.]: entitling the author to receive a percentage of the price obtained from any sale of their work subsequent […]

Creativity and originality: databases criminal law protection requirements

The Court of Cassation ruled on the applicability of criminal sanctions under the Italian Copyright Law to online databases with judgment 6734/2019 of 13 February 2019. In the case examined by the Court, a notorious auctions advertising website used and published on various websites, material available online such as photos, plans and details of properties […]

Court of Rome: Vimeo must reimburse Mediaset

By sentence no. 693/2019 of 10 January 2019, the Court of Rome ordered Vimeo to pay more than €8 million to RTI, a company of the Mediaset Group, for sharing and broadcasting on its portal audiovisual content reproducing television programmes of the Italian broadcaster. An important aspect concerns the indications provided by the Judges of […]

Patent Box: the software fee is not always excluded

The Patent Box, introduced by a decree in 2015 updated on November 28, 2017 is a tax relief allowing to deduct from the income coming from the use of original works a percentage of the same income that is not taxed. This percentage, from 2018 called Patent Box, can reach 50% of the income of […]