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Zorro: the judicial case of the Brio Blu commercial continues

parodic use of the Zorro character

The Supreme Court of Cassation of Italy, with order no. 38165 of the 30th December 2022 spoke out once again on the legitimacy of the commercial of the mineral water Brio Blu where appears a caricature of the famous literary character. The judicial news is already familiar with the episode, as it was object of […]

Artificial Intelligence and its impact on Intellectual Property

artificial intelligence

With the launch of ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer), a prototype of chatbot able to converse and write text in natural language developed by the organization OpenAI, the debate on artificial intelligence is livelier than ever. The context of application of artificial intelligence (A.I) are many. Taking into consideration the context of intellectual property, a […]

Italy’s Competition Authority fines the sending of mass injunctions for online copyright infringement

online copyright infringement

Italy’s Competition Authority sanctioned, by decision taken on the 3rd October 2022, a company specialized in copyright protection, together with its lawyer, for the mass sending of standard compensation requests to Italian micro-companies due to the alleged online copyright infringement of some photographs. The proceeding started last year on the basis of a report of […]

An industrial design object without artistic value is not an intellectual work

industrial design

Judgement no. 302 of the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation delivered on August 1, 2022 upholds what it has been already stated in previous rulings (Cass. civ., sez. I, n. 23292 of 2015 and Cass. civ., sez. I, n. 7477 of 2017) regarding the copyright protection of a product intended for mass production. If an […]