To which data processing the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will not apply

The European Regulation on Privacy 679/2016 does not apply to some data processing.

In particular, it does not apply to data processing performed for activities not included in the application of the EU right, for national security for instance. Data processing performed by countries for foreign politic purposes, criminal investigations, prevention and for public security purposes is excluded.

The Regulation does not apply to data processing made entirely manual or in a non-structured manner, to deceased persons data processing, to the processing of anonymous information (art.2, sub.1).

The Regulation does not apply to data processing performed by a natural person for exclusively domestic or personal purposes.

Even online activities done on a social network and running a personal column are considered personal. On the contrary, the activity of posting pictures or personal information on the Internet so that an indefinite number of people may access it is not considered personal since it lies outside of the domestic and private field.

The video surveillance of a private home lies outside of the private and domestic field if the video camera takes images of part of a public street. Therefore, in this case the Regulation does apply.