PRIVACY and DATA PROTECTION: 10 lessons on the new European Regulation

The 24th May 2016 the European Regulation on Privacy 2016/679 entered into force.

The GDPR, General Data Protection Regulations, included in it applies to the European and non-European companies offering goods and services in Europe or having an establishment or a representative in Europe.

Italian and foreign companies doing business with the European Union should adopt their company structure as to conform to the Regulation within the 25th May 2018. From that day, the provisions of the Regulation will be applied to all the member counties.

Starting from today, every week , for ten weeks, will be published a part of the guide which introduces some of the main point of the Regulation in view of the approaching of the day when the new rules will enter into force.

The study will interests the following topics:

  1. To who the GDPR will apply
  2. To who the GDPR will not apply
  3. What personal data is
  4. What data processing is
  5. Who the holder of the processing is
  6. The disclosure and the right of the data subject
  7. The legal basis of the processing and the consent
  8. The holder’s responsibility
  9. Data protection and the computer security
  10. Penalties

We suggest undertakings to ask for a preliminary evaluation of the company structure in order to promptly estimate the interventions required for the compliance which may result in relevant reviews.

The adaptation cannot be “standardized”, it should be designed for each case and situation.

While waiting for the first issue, we address you to the brief Guide of the new European Regulation about data protection offered by the Italian Garante Privacy.