Italian DPA’s fines: the Supreme Court of Italy clarifies the highest limits

With decision of September 22nd 2023, no. 27189, the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation stated that quantifying the pecuniary administrative fine based on the average percentage applied in similar cases it’s a violation of the GDPR, which, on the contrary, imposes to quantify the amount of the fine based on the circumstances of the specific […]

The EU Court fines the use of geo-blocking to prevent the access to an online videogame

 With decision of 09.27.2023 (C T-172/21), the Court of the European Union stated that the activation of geoblocking in order to prevent the access to videogames available on the Steam platform, represents a violation of the European law on competition.   How does geoblocking work? Geo-blocking is a practice, generally realized by localizing the user’s […]

Hiroshima AI Process: G7 approves the conduct code for Artificial Intelligence developers

On October 30th 2023, the G7 leaders issued a joint statement recognizing the potential of advanced artificial intelligence systems and generative AI models. At the same time, the Group of Seven highlighted the importance of keeping humankind at the center of the system, controlling the risks connected to the development of new technologies, most of […]

A face of a woman cannot be registered as trademark if it lacks distinctive character

The European Union Intellectual Property Office – EUIPO – has recently rejected the EU trademark application of a sign consisting in the photographic representation of a woman’s face (in particular, of the face of a Dutch model) claiming classes 35 and 41 specified as follows: Class 35: services of mannequins and models for advertising or […]