Influencers as commercial agents? The decision of the Court of Rome

Many companies, even multinational, promote their products and services through influencers. One of the main advantages for companies of choosing this promotional channel is being able to reach easily millions of people, that is the followers of the influencers. In particular, their notoriety and related persuasive power are used to guide the purchase choices of […]

Big Mac trademark loses its exclusivity for chicken-based products

The Court of the European Union has recently established, with judgment of last June 5th, that the famous American fast-food chain McDonald’s lost its rights on the “Big Mac” sign in relation to chicken-based products. The Dispute The issue started in 2017, when an Irish chain of take-away restaurant, Supermac’s, filed a revocation application for […]

The Unitary Patent turns one

It has been a year from the start of the European Unitary Patent system which brought many important innovations in the world of patent protection. The new unitary patent system, which includes the European unitary patent and the Unified Patent Court, was introduced on June 1, 2023 when the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court […]

The new WIPO’s treaty on patents using genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge

After years of negotiations, on May 24, 2024 the WIPO Member States approved a new treaty, marking a historic turning point about the international discipline on patents regarding genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge. Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge Genetic resources, such as medical plants, agricultural crops and animal species, as well as traditional […]