The use of the image of a famous person is lawful if it shows them in activities connected to their notoriety

In a case concerning a well-known football player, who later on became a politician, Italy’s Supreme Court of Cassation – after an attentive analysis of the facts of the dispute – quashed the judgement no. 5246 of December 14, 2017 issued by the Courts of Appeals of Milan confirming the decision of the Court of […]

Music piracy: the Court of Milan accepts the appeal of Sony, Universal and Warner against Cloudflare  

With judgment of July 11th 2022, the Court of Milan accepted the appeal presented by Sony, Universal and Warner against Cloudflare Inc., ordering to block the DNS resolution of any website allowing to unlawfully download torrent files. The DNS (Domain Name System) is a system which allows to convert the numeric strings composing the IP […]

The Italian DPA starts an Investigation on the distribution of the video of a sexual assault

With a press release of August 22nd 2022, the Italian Data Protection Authority (DPA) announced the start of an investigation regarding the distribution of a video related to a sexual assault which happened in Piacenza on August 21st 2022. The video of the very serious episode, immediately acquired by the investigators, allowed to identify the […]

The source codes of a graphic work can be transferred only with an express agreement

The issue objected of the examination of the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation focuses on who is the owner of a work created on a commission basis. Even though this is a well-known topic, it does not find in the case-law of merit a peaceful agreeable solution. Before appealing to the Court of Cassation, the […]