TikTok challenges and the intervention of the Italian Data Protection Authority

TikTok remains under the supervision of the Data Protection Authority Supervisor, even after announcing the adoption of measures aimed at blocking the access to users under the age of 13. The Data Protection Authority had already intervened in December 2020, initiating a proceeding against the well-known platform and complaining above all about the lack of […]

The famous LEGO building brick is protected as an European Design

The Court of the European Union, by decision of March 24, 2021, in case T-515/19, annulled the decision of the EUIPO Board of Appeal which declared invalid the LEGO building brick stating that the aesthetic features of the product (registered as a design and model) were uniquely dictated by the technical function of the product. […]

 Artist Jeff Koons found guilty of plagiarism by the Paris Court of Appeal

The Paris Court of Appeal, by judgment no. 34 of 23rd February 2021, definitively convicted American artist Jeff Koons for plagiarism for having substantially reproduced in the porcelain sculpture entitled Fait d’Hiver of 1988 the homonymous photographic work made in 1984 by the freelance artist and photographer Franck Davidovici. In 2014 the plagiarism work was […]

It is illegal to use someone else’s trademark as keyword advertising  

By sentence of 17th August 2020, the Court of Milan ruled on the use of a trademark, by a person other than the owner, as keyword advertising. The Court of Justice of the European Union had already intervened on this subject in the “Interflora” leading case, establishing that “when the ad of the third party […]