Data Breach: the EU Court of Justice affirms the refundability of a non-pecuniary damage

On December 14 2023, the EU Court delivered a preliminarily judgement on case C-340/21 upon request of the Bulgarian Supreme Court, stating that the infringement of the principles established by the GDPR entails the compensation for the damages, also non-material ones, suffered by the interested party. Therefore, in case of data breach, the controller of […]

The use of others’ intellectual works in advertising contents

The boundary separating a legitimate reproduction of an iconic design work from the illicit exploiting for promotional purposes is very feeble. It is necessary to distinguish a justified and accidental reproduction from the intentional use aimed at gaining advantage from others’ reputation. An important Paris ruling has recently intervened on this matter, reaffirming and clarifying […]

The Vespa Case: three dimensional trademark and copyright

The Italian Supreme Court of Cassation recently decided on the “Vespa” case of the company Piaggio, with ruling no. 33100/2023, excluding that a product that has acquired artistic value can be registered as a three dimensional trademark. Are the notions of artistic value and substantial value similar? In 2001, art. 2 of the law no. […]

Made In Italy: new dispositions on the Protection of Cultural Heritage and Fight Against Counterfeiting

On December 27 2023 law no. 206/2023 – which aims to enhance and promote the excellence productions and the Italian cultural heritage, as they are considered strategic for the growth of national economy – came into effect. This recent legislative intervention introduces a number of dispositions protecting the made in Italy, including the possibility to […]