Trademark revocation: the “Testarossa” case

A trademark is revoked if it is not used for a period of time – usually for five years – after its registration. On the basis of this principle, in Germany it was requested the cancellation of the trademarks “Testarossa” owned by Ferrari S.p.A. and registered for goods in class 12 for the supposed lack […]

Posting pictures of minor children on social networks: is it discouraged or prohibited?

Posting pictures of minors on social networks is highly discouraged. For years the Italian National Police has being trying to make parents aware of this matter, warning them about the dangers connected to online pedo-pornography. It should be considered that over half of the pictures contained on pedo-pornographic websites comes from social media. The images […]

Brexit: what happens to European trademarks and designs?

The transition period for the exit of theUnited Kingdom from the European Union will end, unless last minute decisions, on December 31st 2020. It is as a matter of fact, a “flexible” deadline, as the United Kingdom could decide to further defer the deadline, even if at this moment there is no news on the […]

Negative reviews: the boundary between the right to criticize and online defamation

With a recent judgment of September 21st 2020, the Court of Rome explained the boundary between legitimate criticism and defamation in case of unflattering reviews published online by users. The case concerned the publication of many negative reviews published by patients of a health facility on the platform Google My Business. The facility had requested […]