Format of an Online Contest and Copyright

There are many rulings concerning the protection of a format at Italian level. In particular, the Court of Rome, with an important ruling of 2017 decided that a TV format needs to have an original creative core having novelty and must be connotated by expressive completeness in order to be protected by copyright. Moreover, it […]

The role of social media communication in the Chiara Ferragni branded “Pandoro” case

With provision of December 15th 2023, the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) fined Balocco S.p.A and the companies managing the trademarks and image rights of Chiara Ferragni (Fenice s.r.l. and TBS Crew S.r.l.) for the unfair commercial practice implemented, on the influencer’s social media accounts also, to promote “Pandoro Pink Christmas”, an Italian Christmas dessert. The […]

Wipo Annual Report 2023: more patent applications, but less trademarks and design

On 6 November 2023 the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) published the report on IP activities register around the world in 2022. Starting from data provided by national and regional intellectual property offices, the WIPO report examines 2022 filings statistics and analyzes the trends of the economy based on creative activities. Patent Applications increase In […]

Haribo: the EUIPO on the distinctive character of the gummy bear

With decision of October 11, 2023, the EUIPO’s fourth board of appeal recognized the distinctiveness of the sign representing the Haribo gummy bear, annulling the previous decision of the examiner who, on the contrary, had considered it to be lacking of distinguishing features. The case On October 26, 2021 Rigo Trading S.A. (parent company of […]