Posting photos and videos online: the updated Guidelines of the Italian DPA

The Italian Data Protection Authority (DPA) has recently updated its own guidelines on privacy protection and sharing of online content. Addressing mostly young users of social networks, in April 2022 the Italian DPA published a video summarizing the main precautions to adopt before posting photos and videos online, suggesting to pay attention to what they […]

Face detection software: 20 million euros fine imposed by the Italian DPA  

The Italian Data Protection Authority (DPA) gave a very harsh response to the US company Clearview AI inc. which, with order of February 10th 2022, was fined 20 million euros for violating art. 5,6,9,12,13,14,15 and 27 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The proceeding rose from a complex investigation conducted with the assistance of other […]

Publishing contract: valid even without written evidence

The Court of Milan’s judgment no. 2063/2020 of March 9th 2020 returns on the problem of the written form of a publishing contract and recalls an important precedent of 2018 which deserves to be remembered. With sentence no. 5236/2018, the Court of Milan confirmed the jurisprudential orientation acknowledging factual and pacific elements – such as […]

Typosquatting: the ACQUATETRAPACK.IT case

A recent dispute managed by the IP Dispute Resolution Center MFSD covered an interesting new case of typosquatting. As known, typosquatting is a particular case of cybersquatting. Whilst the latter consists in an unlawful activity brought by a subject who registers domain names correspondent to trademarks or other distinctive signs of a third party, only […]