Italian DPA guidelines on the use of cookies and other tracking tools

Within January 10th, 2022, the webmasters will have to comply to the new guidelines on the use of cookies published by the Italian Data Protection Authority (DPA). Generally, cookies are strings of text which enable websites to store information on the device in use by the user. Because of cookies, for instance, it is possible […]

The sound trademark and the criteria concerning its registrability

For the first time overall, the European General Court recently expressed its view about the registration of a sound trademark filed through an audio file at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (case T-668/19). In particular, the decision comes after the filing in the EU of a sound trademark application basically formed by a sound […]

The Italian Data Protection Authority punishes Deliveroo for discriminatory algorithms against riders  

With order n. 285 of July 22nd 2021, the Italian Data Protection Authority ordered Deliveroo Italy s.r.l., leading company of the food delivery industry, to pay a penalty of 2,5 million Euro for the illicit personal data processing of about 8,000 riders. The Italian Data Protection Authority detected several violations by Deliveroo, both of the […]

Tridimensional trademarks and distinctive character

The European General Court, with judgment of July 14, 2021 (cause T-488/20) annulled the EUIPO decision, which stated that the tridimensional sign constituted by the shape of a lipstick could not be registered as a trademark because of its lack of distinctive character. In particular, the decision follows the filing made in 2018 by a […]