Services provided in the USA and use of a trademark in Europe: a possible match

With judgment of July 13th 2022, given in the case T-758/20, the General Court of the European Union ruled again on the effective and genuine use of an European trademark. The issue involves, in particular, the application for revocation presented against a trademark registered at EUIPO, then integrally granted by the Invalidity Division and confirmed […]

The qualification as author of an intellectual work in the “conceptual art” era: the idea prevails on the execution.

The case Maurizio Cattelan vs Daniel Druet puts at the center of the controversy between the two artists the ownership of the intellectual work made on commission. On July 8th 2022, the Court of Paris rejected, for a procedural technicality, the request of Daniel Druet, a French sculptor of wax works, to be declared the […]

Apple’s trademark “Think different” lapsed

In a recent decision (judgment of June 8th 2022 in cases T- 26/21, T-27/21 and T28/21) the European Court of Justice had to decide on the possible cancellation of three trademarks of Apple Inc., all having as object the word sign “THINK DIFFERENT”, famous advertising slogan of the Cupertino company. The American company was the […]

The use of Google Analytics violates the GDPR: what now?

With the provision of June 9, 2022, the Italian DPA affirmed that the use of Google Analytics violates the GDPR because it implies the transfer of data in the United States of America, a country lacking of the adequate level of protection of the users’ data. The situation concerned the use of Google Analytics by […]