New opportunities in the world of domain names

The new digital era has started: of the over 700 domain names that will enter the market in the next months, over 20 are already registrable online, and many others are arriving in the next few weeks. You can find here the updated situation. How can you profit the most this new digital panorama to position in the best way your own company identity on the web? For sure registering the domain names of interest in the Sunrise phase! The new domain names liberalized and in circulation are already more than 20, with the recent introduction of a new group of extensions (.technology, .today, .kitchen and .construction) of particular interest for those who operate in the field of technology, furniture, construction and news. To ensure the registration of one of these domain names, especially if it corresponds to the company trademark, to the brand or to the name through which we are known in the market, represents in fact an unmissable opportunity to give your own business a correct placing in the market of your own identity online. For this same reason, the punctual information on the launch of the new extensions and the opportunity to timely register the domain names of interest represent the basis for a correct online strategy addressed to the prevention of any illicit appropriation or use of the company name or of the commercialized products. When to register the domain names? To reduce to the maximum the risks and make the most of the opportunities offered by this new digital era, the best moment, if you are in possession of a registered trademark, is surely that of the Sunrise.
The possessors of registered trademarks have in fact the opportunity to register the corresponding domain name during the very first phase of release foreseen for each new extension called, precisely, Sunrise Period. The Sunrise, that is the sunrise of the new domain names, is reserved to those that, as possessors of registered trademarks in use, are potentially more exposed to abuses and violations deriving from the release of so many new extensions. To be able to access the Sunrise phase it is necessary to adhere to the Trademark Clearinghouse Service (TMCH), a global database in which the trademarks registered by companies at national, Community and international level can be inserted.
When does the Sunrise Period start? Each new extension introduced in the market has its own Sunrise phase: this means that to be really timely and eliminate the risks it is necessary to be always informed and updated on the dates of release of the domain names in arrival. Do I have to register the domain names in all the 700 new extensions? To answer this question it is needful to do deep study linked to the context of the market of each single company, and precisely because of this it is important to resort to a real expert in the field! The Online Brand Protection Service of has managed for over 10 years the online identity and the domain name portfolio of the most known Italian and international companies and offers a strategic consultancy service to guarantee its own clients the consolidation of their own brand on the Web and the highest level of protection, above all in the delicate current context.
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