Patents: 2,5% of applications received by EPO comes from Italy

On January 30 2023, the European Patent Office (EPO) published the latest report on trends related to the innovation field. The report shows that the number of patent applications received by EPO is rapidly growing, with a total of 193,460 patent applications in 2022, that is an increase of 2.5% compared to the previous year.

Most involved technological industries

The highest number of patent applications concerns the digital communication area, which registered an increase of 11.2% compared to 2021, with a total of 16,705 applications.

At the second place we find technologies related to the health and medical sector, with 15,683 applications (+1.0% compared to 2021). Information technologies follow, with 15.193 applications (+1.8% compared to 2021).

But the most extraordinary growth was registered in the field of energy innovations with an increase of 18.2% applications compared to 2021 (13,951 patent applications).

This number shows an increasing awareness in the search for sustainable innovations and solutions to face climate change.

Main geographical areas of origin

24,9% of patents application received by EPO comes from the United States, confirming it as the country from where the highest number of applications origin. Followed by Germany (12,8%), Japan (11,2%), China (9,8%), and France (5,6%). Switzerland, with 4,7% of total applications, remains the country with the highest pro capite patent applications.

Patents and Italy

2,5% of the applications received by EPO comes from Italy. This number puts Italy at 11th place in the ranking of the first 50 countries for patent applications.

The Italian number is however slightly lower compared to the previous year (-1,1% from 2021).

Nevertheless, among the EU Member States, Italy is at the fifth place for number of patent applications, preceded only by Sweden, Netherlands, France and Germany.


Ilaria Feriti