An announcement for excellence of projects concerning patents: the Italian Patent Competition

In cooperation with the Directorate-General for the Fight against Counterfeiting of the Italian Patent and Trademark Office and Deloitte Italy, Innogest has organized the first edition of the Italian Patent Competition, with the purpose of supporting the economic enhancement of new patents.

The announcement has been published on 1 December 2017: applications can be submitted by 22 January 2018, by the form on Innogest website only.

After the examination of projects, the names of finalists will be disclosed on 14 February and the winner will be announced in a public event on 23 February 2018.

The final award is the minimum funding of 250.000,00 Euro by Innogest for one or more selected worthy projects.

All those having business projects concerning the development of patents or utility models in Lifescience and Digital fields can join in the Competition.

The reference to the patent or patent application, a business plan of the project and the description of the project proposal as a 3 minutes video-pitch must be attached to the application.

The details for the application are on the website:

An unmissable competition!