New incentives to SMEs by Veneto regional government to purchase services for innovation

Within the framework of Regional Operational Program POR FESR 2014-2020, Veneto regional government council has approved a new announcement for the implementation of Action 1.1.2 “Support to the purchase of services for technological, strategic, organizational and commercial innovation of companies”, aimed at supporting micro, small and medium enterprises with an active operating center in Veneto.

The main aim of the regional government is to support processes of planning and experimentation of innovative solutions for ensuring positive effects on the country, in particular by stimulating interventions for the protection of immaterial assets of companies.

The announcement, published on 17 November 2017 and effective since 6 December 2017, makes available a financial endowment of 4 million Euro subsidies for SMEs to develop at local level specialized services for the innovation in at least one of the following development field: Smart Agrifood, Sustainable Living, Smart Manufacturing and Creative Industries.

The expenses eligible for funding include the costs of obtaining, grant and defense of trademarks, European and PCT patents, exclusive know-how, licenses, designs and utility models, as well as expenses for legal advices for enhancement of intellectual property and especially assignment of technologies and the arrangement of non-disclosure, license and know-how agreements.

In accordance with arts. 18 and 28 of UE Regulation no. 651/2014, the support is granted in the form of capital grant through nominal vouchers with set amount, depending on the kind of specialized service that the company intends to purchase for the achievement of the purposes of the project, against a minimum expense incurred.

Companies meeting the eligibility requirements can apply for support, subject to availability, up to maximum three vouchers with cumulative amounts for acquiring the same amount of different kinds of specialized services.

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