Certifying Made in Italy: the TrackIT blockchain project

Made in Italy is the first global distinctive sign using blockchain technology to certify the origin of the products and to trace the relative production phases.

In particular, there are many governmental initiatives in force aimed to achieve an always higher protection of the sign at issue.

A good example is the one represented by the TrackIT blockchain Project, promoted by the Italian Trade & Investment Agency which, in line with the national legislation on the matter (in particular Law no. 166/2009) has the goal to certify Made in Italy through the registration of data related to production on blockchain, allowing consumers to see the history of the products and of the related company, simply by scanning a QR code (or another smart tag).

The Requirements to adhere to the TrackIT Project

The companies interested in participating to this project will necessarily have to:

  • Be producers of trademarks associated to Italy (pursuant to art. 60 UCC – Union Customs Code)
  • Be registered to the Chamber of Commerce as an Italian company in the field of agrifood and beverages, in the fashion system, in the cosmetic field and interior design and design sector for 3 years at least.
  • Have registered in the last 3 years a turnover in international markets of at least 20% of its total turnover or have registered, in the last 3 years, an average annual turnover in foreign markets of € 200,000 minimum.

How to apply to Project TrackIT Blockchain

The Italian companies willing to apply to the project have to provide information regarding their own activities and meet the above-mentioned the mandatory participation requirements.

Once the confirmation of the online registration is received by the Trade & Investment Agency, the company will have to send the application no later than August 31, 2023 via certificated email (PEC).

In addition to the application, the company will have to send the following attachments, filled out and signed for acceptance by the legal representative of the applying company:

  • Statement relating to the eligibility requirements;
  • General Regulation to join the initiatives of the Italian Trade & Investment Agency;
  • Statement in lieu of affidavit for the promotion/exposition of the goods, in accordance with the regulation provided for Made in Italy goods.

The Italian Trade & Investment Agency will admit companies to the TrackIT blockchain project according to the chronological order of receipt of the application requests and as long as slots are available (250 participants), after passing the examinations.

The companies possibly selected will receive official notice of admission.

The goal of the TrackIT blockchain Project

As easily guessed, the goal of the Project is to strengthen, promote and protect “Made in Italy” providing the consumer a reliable mean to verify that the purchased articles are actually of certified Italian origin only by scanning a Qr Code (or another smart tag).

In addition to the guarantee and traceability of the origin function of the goods, the project has also other goals, as, for example, to contribute to the fight against counterfeiting of Made in Italy, diffused all over the world and which weights heavily on the national economy.

In addition to the goals above mentioned, the Project sets the goal to promote and increase the accreditation on the international markets of the Italian member companies, contributing thus to the economic growth and development of Italy.

Elena Bandinelli